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Behrens Building and Behrens Ufer become BE-U: A lively city quarter

What's happening around the Peter Behrens Building

What's happening around the Peter Behrens Building

For many years, the former industrial site on Behrens-Ufer blocked the view and access to the Spree for residents. This is now to change. With the vision of a future-oriented urban society, the innovative utilisation concept of the new quarter combines commerce, research, education, culture, gastronomy and sustainability-oriented projects that invite tenants and residents to meet and stay. Through the symbiosis of revitalised historical buildings and new buildings that meet the most modern standards, BE-U | Behrens-Ufer will become a place that breathes history, grows alive and becomes a valuable heritage for future generations as well.


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Die Zukunft nachhaltiger Ernährung in Städten

Studio Behrens Ostendstraße 1-4, Berlin

Die Zukunft nachhaltiger Ernährung in Städten: Die Food Trends von morgen Gemeinsam werden wir im Rahmen der Paneldiskussion bei der Berlin Design Week am BE-U untersuchen, wie sich die Ernährungstrends […]

Die Zukunft nachhaltiger Energie für Metropolen

Studio Behrens Ostendstraße 1-4, Berlin

Zukunftsfähige Städte: Wie gestalten wir eine nachhaltige Energiezukunft für Metropolen? Einladung zur Paneldiskussion des BE-U new energy LABs bei der Berlin Design Week. In Zeiten zunehmender Urbanisierung und der dringenden Notwendigkeit, […]

Building development in several stages

The project will be realised in several construction phases. The site is divided into three sections: the North-Karree, the South-West-Karree and the East-Karree. Construction work has already begun on the North-Karree. It is scheduled to be completed by mid-2024 and, in addition to commercial rental space, will offer an initial range of cultural, gastronomic and green spaces.

We will provide regular updates on the construction work here. All completed buildings will meet at least the DGNB “Gold” standard.

Part of the Berlin South-East Innovation Cluster

The proximity to the BER, the HTW and other educational and scientific institutions strengthens entrepreneurial networks and creates new space for innovation. In the future, companies will be able to exchange ideas here through joint events and digital networking. They are building a joint educational network from which the public will also benefit – in a wonderfully green urban quarter on the Spree.

A vision that fascinates because it shapes the working world in the near future in a green and urban as well as people- and climate-friendly way. This creates new perspectives for companies, which today often compete for talent in the next generation. The goal: the future is not just discussed here – it is lived.

Self-sufficient energy generation: innovative and sustainable

In the area of energy supply, the quarter will play a pioneering role: 100 percent sustainable energy will be produced directly on the premises – and more than needed.

“At DIEAG, we want to get the most out of sustainability, and secure 100 per cent of the energy supply for the entire project from sustainable sources ourselves.”

Mario Ragg, Managing Director at DIEAG and responsible for the structural implementation.

History of the site

Visionary architecture and the most innovative companies of their time characterised the formative years of the Behrens embankment. It was the industrial mastermind and AEG veteran Walther Rathenau who established the most progressive companies of the 1920s in Oberschöne­weide with the “Model City of Industry”. Their radiant power and success transformed modern Berlin from “Metropolis” to “Elektro¬polis” – realised by the world-renowned visionary of industrial architecture Peter Behrens. DIEAG is taking this innovative spirit of the site into the future with the implementation of the internationally significant concept for BE-U | Behrens-Ufer.


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