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new energy LAB: Kick-off at BE-U Berlin

new energy LAB: Kick-off at BE-U Berlin

Under the leadership of Dr. Sarah Perumalla, Head of the new energy LAB, the inaugural event took place on November 10th in the Amman-Ullah Hall of the historic Peter-Behrens-Bau at BE-U Behrens-Ufer.

Since late summer, we are dedicated to exploring the possibilities and requirements of deep geothermal energy in urban areas at the new energy LAB. The goal is to assess the potential of this technology for heat and power supply in our district and beyond, developing best practices for urban use. With our experts, we aim to bridge theoretical and practical knowledge from industry, science, and politics. The LAB aims to contribute to climate-neutral urban development and energy self-sufficiency through the development of alternative green energy sources.

The new energy LAB members are:

Hildegard Bentele, Member of the European Parliament since 2019, is involved in the Development Committee, the Committee on the Environment, Public Health, Food Safety, and Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE). ITRE is currently examining an initiative report on geothermal energy aimed at expanding the potential of deep geothermal energy in Europe. Ms. Bentele is the development policy spokesperson for the CDU/CSU group and Vice-Coordinator of the EPP in the Development Committee. Before her political career, she served as Foreign Policy Advisor to the CDU/CSU parliamentary group and diplomat at the German Embassy in Zagreb.

Ingmar Budach is the technical head for the Deep Geothermal Energy division at the Senate Department for Mobility, Transport, Climate Protection, and the Environment. As an experienced geophysicist with a master’s degree in geophysics from the Free University of Berlin, he has a decade’s worth of experience in geothermal project development, particularly in the field of low-carbon heat supply. With extensive professional experience, including a long-standing role at Geothermie Neubrandenburg GmbH, he brings comprehensive knowledge in geophysical exploration methods and geothermal resources.

Dr. Carsten Reinhold, Geoscience & Feasibility Manager at Eavor GmbH. As an Exploration, Subsurface, and Geoscience Manager, as well as a senior geoscientist with over 30 years of professional experience, Dr. Reinhold also has more than 25 years of relevant experience in the geothermal and hydrocarbon industry. Since October 2022, he is Manager of Geosciences and Feasibility Studies at Eavor GmbH. He has experience in evaluating and managing exploration projects in Germany and various international locations in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and South America. Dr. Reinhold holds a diploma in geology from the University of Hannover and a doctorate in natural sciences with a focus on sedimentary geology from the Technical University of Berlin.

Hannes Junker, Specialist in geothermal energy and Consultant in the Transformation Office at Vattenfall Wärme AG. He brings extensive expertise in applied geothermal energy with over 8 years of experience in both shallow and deep geothermal projects, which he accompanied from conceptualization through planning to commissioning. Mr. Junker holds a diploma in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Dresden and has served , among other roles, as a project manager and department head for process engineering at Geothermie Neubrandenburg GmbH. During the Kick-off of the new energy LAB, Mr. Junker was represented by Dr. Julian Formhals. He is part of the System Development team at Vattenfall Wärme Berlin, holds a Ph.D. in geothermal energy, and has extensive experience in the field.

Next Steps:

During the Kick-off, members initially discussed the current situation for deep geothermal energy in Berlin: on the one hand, everyone sees the significant opportunity for CO2 reduction and the gain of stable energy production. On the other hand, challenges and difficulties were also identified, including the need for skilled professionals, complex process workflows, and the lengthy approval process.

Furthermore, a roadmap for the most urgent topics and the further course of action was adopted during the meeting. In the upcoming year, five sessions will take place to develop best practices for the following topics and questions:

  • February 2024: Economic viability, financing & support
    Which financial mechanisms, investment, and support options are preferably suitable for the reliable expansion of deep geothermal energy in urban areas? What economic aspects are crucial for a robust financial evaluation of deep geothermal projects?

  • May 2024: Regulatory frameworks
    How can approval and examination processes, including mining law, be optimized for the feasibility of inner-city deep geothermal projects?

  • July 2024: Technical feasibility

    What conditions are necessary for a successful technical implementation in the context of urban infrastructure and energy integration?

  • September 2024: Participation

    Which approaches, information processing, and participation measures support communication and involvement of the population in urban areas?

  • November 2024: Publication of the guide for the use of deep geothermal energy in urban areas during the BE-U Autumn Conference of the Innovation LABs.

Verfolgen Sie die Neuigkeiten aus dem new energy LAB auch auf unseren Social-Media-Kanälen. Für weitere Informationen kontaktieren Sie uns unter newenergylab@be-u.berlin.

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